The Priory of Kenya of the Order of St John, popularly known as St John Ambulance, is a first aid and health charity. It was incorporated by St John Ambulance of Kenya Act Chapter 259 Laws of Kenya, to provide emergency medical support to communities through its broad network of volunteers and medical experts. The aims and purposes of the Corporation are as follows:

  • To encourage and promote all works of humanity and charity for the relief of persons in sickness, distress, suffering, and danger without any distinction of race, class, color or creed.
  • To render aid to the sick and wounded in war or in peace and promote such permanent organization in a time of peace so that such aid may immediately be available in time of emergency, and such aid shall include the provision of the technical reserves for the medical services of the Government and the armed forces of Kenya.
  • To have control and management in Kenya of St John Ambulance and promote, encourage and coordinate contacts between themselves and similar organizations under the name of St John in other countries, the Kenya Red Cross Society, and other similar voluntary or statutory organizations.

The affairs of the corporation are managed by the Executive Priory Council members who are volunteers who play an oversight role to ensure the organization's resources have an impact on the lives of the people in Kenya. Executive Council, which is the supreme governing body also provides strategic direction to ensure the organization is consistently growing and expanding its outreaches to needy areas. They also assist in fundraising and resource mobilization, including providing strategic linkages to expand the organization's support network.

Dr. Manoj Shah has been an active Executive Priory Council member of the Priory of Kenya of the Order of St John for over three years and has contributed immensely to the objective of the organization. Prior to joining the Executive Priory Council, Dr. Manoj has also been at the forefront and of great assistance in helping the St John Ambulance Brigade activities at the Lions Sight First Eye Hospital division.