About Dr Manoj Shah

I have over 45 years of work experience and am recognized as an authority in transforming loss-making institutions/companies and turning them into industry leaders, making them profitable. Identified to stage historic comebacks in performance, employee engagement, stakeholder mobilization including fundraising & investor buy-ins & building sustainable business models. I repair broken morale and build collaborative & innovative work-forces that are pivotal to businesses & organizations.

Why fall when you can fly….

‘ One in a Million ’ is the biography of Dr. Manoj Shah, the Chairman of the Kingsway Group of Companies from Nairobi, Kenya. His noteworthy journey is a perfect encyclopedia for upcoming business stalwarts and leaders of Lions Clubs across the world to be proud of and emulate. He is someone who has redefined the achievement standards, yet what defines him is the admirable trait of utmost humility and passion in every aspect of his multifarious life.


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