About Author Sandeep Malu

Sandeep Malu hails from Aurangabad, the tourism capital of Maharashtra, India. He is a renowned educationist for the last two decades. Reading and writing are at the topmost of his relentless passion list. He has a knack for creative writing with an incessant flow of words, to articulate the content in a manner that produces vivid images in the minds of the readers. Sandeep is a corporate trainer and motivational speaker too.

He belongs to the fraternity of Lions Clubs International and has excelled up to the position of Council Chair of Lions Multiple District 3234. He is a keen observer, precise articulator, and enriched with a natural flair for writing, as evident in his maiden endeavor ‘One in a Million.’

If you want to become big, stop thinking small – this aptly describes the effervescent and virtuous Manoj. His illustrious journey marked with impeccable finesse, utmost clarity of intent, diligent endeavors, and successful outcomes has set precedents worth emulating for one and all.

Sandeep Malu

Reg Athwal,
Global Family Business Authority,
Board Advisor,
Certified Speaker & Best-selling Author.

What makes a GREAT leader? Is a question I’ve been asked hundreds of times over 25 years. There is no one answer to this, however, all great leaders have certain traits and a way of being that drives phenomenal leadership, that brings the best out of other people and impacts positively the results they desire most. Dr. Manoj, who I’ve known for over a decade, is someone who can deeply talk about this subject from the heart.

Sir Clyde Rivers,
World Civility Global Leader.

Dr. Manoj Shah The greatest humanitarian I know in this current age is Dr. Manoj Shah. The help I have watched this man create for the betterment of the world for over a decade, is unsurpassable. It’s one thing to read a book about principles and leadership, but It’s another thing to read a book written by an individual that has done the work firsthand all around the world. The stories in this book are real but more importantly, the life of selfless service lived by Dr. Manoj Shah is real.

David S. Evangelista,
President and Managing Director,
Special Olympics Europe Eurasia.

I take the profound privilege to pen down my fervid emotions for this encyclopedia to humanity 'One in a Million.' All who know Dr. Manoj Shah understand that from his perspective, the world is full of boundless potential. The optimism, the possibilities, the promise- they exude from his bright smile, his round glasses, and his firm and welcoming handshake.