As Vice Chairman of the Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital, Dr. Manoj has helped transform the institution to a state-of-the-art temple of service that continues to benefit thousands of people not only in Kenya, but also from the neighboring countries. He was also Chairperson of the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust (QEDJT) partnership with Lions of Kenya to help eradicate Trachoma from Kenya.

With his expertise on management, the Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital has expanded its wings to various parts of the country with satellite eye hospitals and now the biggest Eye hospital in Kisumu which is under construction.

He has been instrumental in implementing the first eye bank in East and Central Africa that has seen over 2000 visually impaired people have their eyesight restored. One of his biggest accomplishments has been the successful Sight for Kids Program in Kenya where over the last 8 years, 600,000 children have been screened and assisted with eye glasses, cataract surgeries, squint eyes and treatment of allergies and infections.

Childhood Cancer

Dr Manoj Shah has been in the forefront of supporting and helping children suffering from cancer since the last six years in partnership with the Aruna Abhay Oshwal Trust. He has set up the Lions children cancer centre which gives help and hope to over 100 children every month. He is also a keen supporter of the children's cancer ward at the Kenyatta National Hospital where over a 1000 children are treated every year. His vision is to set up a Lions bone marrow transplant centre to assist children suffering from blood cancers such as leukaemia.


Dr Manoj has set up four fully comprehensive diabetes care centers in Kenya since 2017. He has also been instrumental in organizing many diabetes symposiums, workshops and seminars both at Regional and National levels.


Dr Manoj is at the forefront of many environmental initiatives. He recently brought together various partners and well-wishers for a mega tree planting initiative called the Lions Forest which will see over 100,000 trees be grown on the over 10 acres of land allocated to Lions of Kenya. Dr. Manoj has also been supportive of many Go-Green initiatives such as E-waste & Plastic Waste managementment, Used Tyre Recycling and many others.

He has been the pioneer of implementing the Green 365 Initiative at the MP Shah Hospital which is the only hospital in Kenya that has gone totally green and partnered with the United Nations Global Compact in Kenya.


Dr. Manoj has overseen many National initiatives throughout the years in alleviating hunger and providing food rations to the most needy. Wherever the country has declared famine or drought, the Lions of Kenya spearheaded by Dr. Manoj, have been the first responders by mobilizing donors, well-wishers and LCIF to provide relief almost immediately.

Through his club and other Lions, Dr. Manoj is a regular supporter and donor of food rations whenever the need arises. He also regularly visits Food Kitchens at Sri Satya Sai Centre and Ananda Marga Mission providing his service in feeding the needy.