Dr Manoj Shah has held The Lions Clubs International Foundation at Heart for the Last 20 Years. He is a Firm Believer of The Great Impact That The Foundation has been making to the Underprivileged around the world. Manoj has been a witness to the magic of LCIF first hand in the last 20 years in many parts of the world, which has really touched his heart. True leaders are like statues, whether it rains or it shines, they never bend their necks to look backwards. They never run away from challenges. He has been involved with the LCIF for more than 20 years and he had the rare opportunity of taking the key lead with the LCIF staff to foster a partnership with the GAVI Foundation 9 years ago to immunize children in Africa.  He discloses that through this partnership over the last 5 years more than 60 million children in Africa have been vaccinated for Measles and Rubella. He has personally spearheaded 2 vaccination drives in Kenya, where they have vaccinated over 18 million children.

A much cherished dream in his lions leadership ladder that has come true is his prestigious appointment to serve on the Board of Trustees of Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) as the representative from Constitutional Area VIII Africa, for a 3 year period (2020-2023). The choice to lead is nurtured by the willingness to rise above challenges of life. The effervescent Manoj won't just adapt to the energy in the Boardroom, rather he intends to influence the energy in that room. Being an experienced lion leader who is very passionate and knowledgeable about LCIF, he is upbeat to carry on his contributions to the success of Foundation and also help play a critical role in helping shape the future of LCIF.

In his over 3 Decades  of leadership in lions, he has been instrumental in making many major LCIF funded projects possible in Kenya, including schools, medical centers, sight first projects and support to the physically challenged. He has also been at the forefront of many natural disasters and catastrophes that have taken place in Kenya and Africa which have been supported by LCIF. He has also helped to initiate lions quest programs in 12 African countries. One of his biggest successes for the continent of Africa is the initiation of over 12 lions eye hospitals established in many countries with his leadership and vision.

One of his triumphs has been building partnerships with the Foundation. He has again been in the forefront of all these partnerships including:

He dreams big with no limitations. The fortunate Manoj truly owes himself massive success.

Dr Shah and His Family are Regular Supporters to LCIF where Both Soyum and Jayna are 6 Diamond Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow. Dr Shah is a Major Lead Gift Donor and a Humanitarian Partner. His vision for LCIF is to clearly support and make it the global leader in humanitarian services. He has also Actively Participated in our Most Successful Fundraising Campaigns Sight First II and Campaign 100, Where he Single Handedly helped Raise over US$ 10 Million.